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Grammar for Clinical Research

Get a certificate by completing the program.


Welcome to our special English Grammar Course, led by Hanna, an experienced English teacher. The program is designed for people working in clinical research who want to improve their English skills. In this course, we will learn together in 10 days. ✨ We start with understanding verb tenses, especially when talking about clinical trials. ✨ Next, we'll learn about 'if' sentences, also called conditionals, used a lot in professional talk. ✨ After that, we'll look at modals, small words that can change a sentence's meaning. ✨ Then, we'll learn how to share what others have said, a skill called reported speech. ✨ Finally, we'll end with a test to see what you've learned and a 45-minute talk with Hanna. The goal of this course isn't just about learning grammar. It's about feeling more confident when using English at work, making sure people understand you, and showing how professional you are. Join us in this program to improve your English skills!



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