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21-day challenge English Foundation For Pharma

Three 90-min sessions, three 60-min sessions

The course aims to help you master some pharma-related and business vocabulary that is necessary to better express yourself in English, improve your communication skills, and learn to write professional emails that leave a great impression.

Advanced English Communication for Pharma

10-week course (10 personalized 60-min sessions)

Explore business culture and pharmaceutical vocabulary, refine one-on-one and group communication skills, and develop proficiency in creating engaging presentations and compelling emails. A specialized program for pharma professionals.

Advanced English Mastery for Pharma QA &Compliance

10-week course (10 personalized 60-min sessions)

"Advanced English Mastery for Pharma QA & Compliance" is a 10-week program tailored for professionals in the pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Compliance field. Break through language barriers with confidence, precision, and fluency, mastering communication during audits, daily interactions, and more.

English for Pharma Pros: Regulatory Focus

12-week course (12 personalized 60-min sessions)

The "English for Pharma: Regulatory Focus" course is designed for Regulatory Specialists in the pharmaceutical industry. It is structured to meet the specific needs of individuals working in regulatory roles, focusing on the critical areas of professional interaction within the pharmaceutical sector.

Essential Phrasal Verbs for Pharmaceutical Professionals: A Practical Guide

$̶4̶5̶ $29


Learn to use phrasal verbs effectively in meetings, presentations, email communications, and marketing. Includes practical exercises and real-world applications.

Grammar Challenge for Clinical Research


self-paced, 45-min session with a coach

Master verb tenses, conditionals, modals, reported speech and more, designed specifically for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry. Start improving your English communication skills today!

Mastering Job Interviews for Clinical Trial Project Manager

12-week course (12 personalized 60-min sessions)

The course is designed to equip you with the essential skills and strategies needed to ace job interviews in the pharmaceutical and clinical trial industry. Tailored for professionals seeking roles in project management, this course goes beyond conventional interview preparation, delving into the unique challenges and responsibilities faced by Project Managers in clinical trials.

Pharma Interview Mastery

$ 400

6 personalized 60-min sessions

Prepare for success in pharma job interviews with our specialized program.
Enhance your communication skills, refine interview techniques, and gain confidence in the competitive pharmaceutical industry.

Research & Development (R&D) Communication Mastery

12-week course (12 personalized 60-min sessions)

Master R&D communication in pharma with our 12-week program. Acquire specialized vocabulary, enhance presentation techniques, and engage in real-world discussions. Elevate your expertise.

Vocabulary Booster for Pharma Professionals

$ 65

self-paced, 45-min session with a coach

Enhance your pharmaceutical vocabulary with our self-paced 'Vocabulary Booster for Pharma Professionals' course. Tailored for industry professionals, this course covers essential terms in pharmacology, regulatory affairs, and more, complete with interactive content and a 45-min coaching session.

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