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Advanced English Communication for Pharma


10-week course (10 personalized 60-min sessions)

Advanced English Communication for Pharma

🌐 Master English Communication in Pharma:

A 10-Week Comprehensive Program 🌐


In today's dynamic pharmaceutical landscape, clear and confident English communication is not just a skill; it's an imperative. Whether you're presenting research findings, discussing drug interactions, or navigating business meetings - how you convey information matters.

Our program, spanning 10 intensive weeks, is carefully designed around three foundational pillars to elevate your English proficiency, particularly tailored to the pharmaceutical industry.


📘 Pillar 1: Business Culture & Vocabulary Mastery

(3 Weeks)

Dive deep into the heart of English-speaking business culture. Equip yourself with:

  • An understanding of business etiquettes and norms.

  • Mastery of crucial pharmaceutical industry-specific vocabulary.

  • Confidence in using business idioms, phrases, and expressions for impactful communication.

Outcome: A profound understanding of the business culture, ensuring you not only fit in but truly stand out.


🎙 Pillar 2: Communication Clarity for Meetings

(3 Weeks)

Say goodbye to misunderstood points and unclear discussions. This pillar focuses on:

  • Enhancing your English communication clarity.

  • Skills to effectively conduct one-on-one and group meetings in English.

  • Strategies for both virtual and in-person meeting scenarios.

Outcome: Command meetings with confidence, ensuring every word you speak resonates with clarity and purpose.


📊 Pillar 3: Presentation Prowess & Business Writing

(3 Weeks)

Become a force to be reckoned with in both presenting and penning your ideas. This segment covers:

  • Techniques to deliver captivating presentations in English.

  • Hands-on practice in business English writing.

  • Crafting professional emails that not only inform but impress.

Outcome: Deliver presentations that captivate and write emails that command attention.


🔍 Wrap-up & Integration

(1 Week)

In our concluding week, we'll integrate all the learnings, address any outstanding queries, and set you up for continuous growth in your English communication journey.


Equip yourself to traverse the global pharma landscape with unmatched communication competence.

Enroll today and transform your English communication from competent to compelling.

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