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English for Pharma Pros: Regulatory Focus


12-week course (12 personalized 60-min sessions)

English for Pharma Pros: Regulatory Focus

Course Overview:

Participants will embark on a journey to refine their English skills, starting with the basics of crafting a polished professional introduction and advancing to more complex industry-specific discussions. Each session is tailored to develop the participant's ability to communicate effectively in English, with a strong emphasis on the regulatory aspects of the pharmaceutical industry.

Module 1: Professional Self-Introduction

Objective: Perfect the art of self-introduction in various professional settings.


Crafting a succinct and impactful personal introduction.

Tailored vocabulary for describing regulatory roles and responsibilities.

Practicing introductions in different contexts, like meetings and networking.


 Module 2: Navigating Product Discussions

Objective: Build confidence in discussing products and regulatory details.


Key terminology and phrases for product discussion.

Techniques for explaining product features and regulatory compliance.

Simulation exercises focused on product meetings.


 Module 3: Presentation Skills Enhancement

Objective: Develop skills for delivering compelling and clear presentations.


Structuring a presentation for maximum impact.

Using language effectively to engage and inform the audience.

Practice and feedback on a product-related presentation.


 Module 4: Training Newcomers

Objective: Gain proficiency in providing effective training to new team members.


Techniques for clear and educational communication.

Developing training material and delivering training.

Practice training on a regulatory topic with constructive feedback.


 Module 5: Advanced Negotiation Techniques

Objective: Enhance negotiation skills in a regulatory context.


Language and strategies for effective negotiation.

Role-play scenarios focusing on negotiation with stakeholders and partners.

Analyzing and refining negotiation tactics.


 Module 6: Clarity and Conciseness in Communication

Objective: Master the ability to communicate complex ideas succinctly.


Techniques for clear, concise communication.

Exercises in summarizing complex regulatory information.

Practice refining and delivering concise messages.


 Module 7: In-Depth Regulatory Discussions

Objective: Strengthen capabilities in detailed regulatory conversations.


Advanced regulatory terminology and concepts.

Structuring logical and persuasive arguments in regulatory discussions.

Mock regulatory compliance and advisory.


 Module 8: Professional Email Writing

Objective: Excel in writing clear, structured, and effective professional emails.


Email composition: structure, tone, and key phrases.

Writing exercises for different types of professional correspondence.

Personalized feedback on email drafts.


 Module 9: Advanced Presentation Skills: Data and Analysis

Objective: Improve the ability to present data and research findings effectively.


Techniques for presenting data, analysis, and conclusions.

Language for describing statistical information and research outcomes.

Developing and delivering a data-focused presentation with feedback.


 Module 10: Effective Interdepartmental Communication

Objective: Enhance communication skills across different departments.


Language and strategies for cross-functional collaboration.

Simulations of interdepartmental meetings and project coordination.

Exercises in drafting interdepartmental communication and reports.


 Module 11: Managing Difficult Conversations

Objective: Develop strategies for handling challenging interactions professionally.


Language for conflict resolution and providing feedback.

Role-play scenarios dealing with difficult conversations and feedback.

Strategies for maintaining professionalism under stress.


 Module 12: Course Recap and Future Development Plan

Objective: Consolidate learning and outline a plan for ongoing language development.


Review of key concepts, vocabulary, and communication strategies.

Final presentation or discussion to demonstrate learned skills.

Developing a personalized action plan for continued English improvement.

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