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Grammar Challenge for Clinical Research

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Grammar Challenge for Clinical Research

Welcome to our English Grammar Challenge!

This course is designed for people working in clinical research who want to improve their English skills.

In this course, we will learn

We start with understanding verb tenses, especially when talking about clinical trials.

Gain clarity on when to use which tense, making your discussions about clinical trials more precise and comprehensible.

Next, we'll learn about 'if' sentences, also called conditionals, used a lot in professional talk.

Master 'if' sentences, enabling you to discuss potential situations and their outcomes accurately.

After that, we'll look at modals, small words that can change a sentence's meaning.

Learn to use these powerful words to express necessity, possibility, and give advice, enhancing the subtlety and depth of your conversations.

Finally, we'll learn how to share what others have said, a skill called reported speech.

Learn to share what others have said, adding another layer of credibility and depth to your professional interactions.

The goal of this course isn't just about learning grammar. It's about feeling more confident when using English at work, making sure people understand you, and showing how professional you are.

Join us in this challenge to improve your English skills!

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