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How To Conduct Effective Meetings That Get Results

Meetings can have a huge impact on the work environment. They can be a source of inspiration and success, but they can also be a source of frustration and stress.⁣

Follow these steps to make sure your meetings are run effectively and get the results you want.⁣ - Decide the purpose of your meeting before you call anyone in for it.⁣ - Create an agenda that covers all aspects from the start to finish (time, participants, decisions).⁣ - Start your meeting on time!⁣ - Take notes on what was discussed at each point during your meeting - this way you're able to refer back to what has been agreed upon at any time.⁣ - Keep an eye out for distractions - if someone is taking too much time or not being productive; call them out.⁣ - Conducting a summary or recap after the meeting will help you remember what points were raised, how you resolved them, and how they will be implemented in future meetings or projects⁣

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